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I’m Leanne, Mum of three boys; Big Quack, Little Quack and Baby Moo, a tortoise that doesn’t do anything, Ernie the dog that isn’t too dissimilar to a bear and has legs that resemble giant lamb shanks, plus the glue that holds us all together, Daddy and husband, Beard.
We are the C-C’s from The Garden of England, lovely green Kent and here you can find a rather unique Blog… instead of it just being about me, me, me (because we know you don’t want to hear about that all the time) instead you can enjoy five individual people with different personalities and opinions all blogging in one place, juggling the ups and downs, telling our story and sharing life with you whilst trying to look on the bright side of life with a half full glass.
…and then there’s you if you want to come along for the ride… We’d love you to share your stories, your ups and downs and your half full glasses with us!

So what can you find over on our blog? You can find an honest account of what people are really thinking but are too politically correct to say aloud. Plus moments where we don’t agree with each other and will make that quite obvious. There are a lot of foot in mouth moments, comments that probably should be left to the imagination and a load of other stuff you can dip into if you want. From Autism, to restaurants, recipes to days out with the kids, family friendly holidays to product reviews and all the way to the adrenaline junkie teenager, it’s all here.
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Grab yourself a cup of tea and a digestive biscuit (or if it’s officially after 11am a large Pinot), get comfy and have a read of our blog. You might find something you weren’t quite expecting in there.

See you on the flip side!