We are a family run business that was developed in 2005 & formally founded (as a brand) in 2008 by my husband & I after our sons, Josh & Finn were welcomed to the world.

Our eldest son is Autistic and as a baby had multiple skin disorders and our middle son was (still is) a real messy chap who is constantly into everything, hence why we were in search of clothing & accessories that could withstand daily abuse & be put through their paces.

We wanted every day essential baby & toddler items & lounge wear that the kids could play in, could be comfortable in all day long & yet still be super soft, super durable & practical for Mum & Dad.

We hunted everywhere and quickly found that the products we needed - the products we wanted - the products WE HAD TO HAVE & the products we knew other parents would love, simply didn't exist... they were nowhere to be found!

So like many parents we accepted this and shopped on the high street, consistently finding clothing & accessories that were substandard, poorly manufactured, over priced & not at all practical for our everyday needs.

With a background in Fashion Design & Business Studies I spent 3 years researching fabrics, manufacturing methods and requirements of parents which eventually resulted in... complete and utter confusion.
Sat around the dining table scratching our empty skulls we vowed to make something that little bit different, when just then a little quirky chap popped his head up and started playing with the fabrics we had been researching... a moment later water was poured over the table and there it was a 4 year old had inadvertently prompted the development of an incredibly robust yet hugely versatile unique triple layer fabric composition. 

When asking him what he just did and why, he replied "It's water dribble Mummy" but the thing is, Josh had a speech and language disorder which meant he used to say Bubby instead of Mummy - so there, right that very moment, Dribble Bubbs was the one. We looked over at our little boy as we were praising him for being so clever to find he had already lost interest and was colour co-ordinating his building blocks and lining his cars up in height order...

And there it was, Dribble Bubbs was born and those multi-award winning triple layer patches are featured in our clothing & accessories not only to make your life easier, but also more comfortable for your little one offering superior protection over and above any other brand :)

A few months later after making samples, the boys received lots of compliments; we were regularly asked by friends & family to make items for their children too (and with me not having the time to do so) we pulled in the help of Mumma Daisie.  Mumma Daisie (AKA Trish) is a major part of Dribble Bubbs & is the head of Customer Service - when you place an order she will be there ensuring that your shopping experience is personal, dealt with swiftly & any special requests being dealt with seamlessly.
At the start, our products were hand made here in the UK by myself, Mumma Daisie, Auntie Diane & Nana Linda.  All handmade & packaged with love and we are proud to say that each and every order still has this stamp of approval.  

We initially sold through local craft fairs, markets & school fetes with the help of friends, a pop up pasting table & a couple of boxes.  
After a few years of juggling, hard work and deciding our future, our good friend Caroline decided "enough was enough" and embarked on an adventure to make our hobby a fully fledged business and there welcomes the Dribbler himself, our business partner Roger. And so they say, the rest is history...

If you happen to be one of our loyal customers from way back when, you would have been greeted by Gaga Al & Grandad Rodders who were usually helping to set up our stalls, cart around stock or drive vans from one end of the country to the other.
They are wonderful well trained "donkeys" & a valuable asset behind the scenes. If you ever see them on the rare occasion now, go for a high five, they love that!
In those early days, we didn't have any photography of our products so the only way we could get out in front of our target audience was to ensure we attended as many baby and toddler shows as possible. It was exhausting and not always cost effective to do so but luckily old friend Shen stepped in to take the lead and create some fabulous initial photography; we've now moved on from that style but we wouldn't be where we are today without it.
Despite envisaging our brand to have that real family-feel, our main requirement was to have everything hand made by us, but this was impossible to maintain :( We were selling out faster than we could fulfil the orders, so with a sad & heavy heart we sourced another like-minded, family run business over the pond in Istanbul, courtesy of our boys God-Father, Stephen, who continues to work with (and develop) Dribble Bubbs today.

Once we outsourced manufacture to our extended family, Unkie Paul thought it was important for us to remain a family run business & give our customers a unique personal experience & he was right! We pride ourselves on this specialised customer service by only selling direct to our customers & offering you a competitive price on our award winning products.  What does this mean? Basically Dribble Bubbs is ONLY available direct through us, either at baby & toddler shows or right here, online, so that you get the best price possible.

This journey we have been on has been a roller coaster. It's hard running your own business but with the assistance of Auntie Lou helping us to logistically grow Dribble Bubbs from a small craft idea into a multi-award winning brand is something we always dreamed of & it is all thanks to our family and you, our loyal customers :) 
We hope you like our products as much as we do. We take great pride in their quality by choosing only the best fabrics, ensuring our manufacturing is of the highest standard & that every item is made (& packaged) with love.

So what's for the future? Well we have now welcomed Baby Auz who has uncovered a whole new world of possibilities & future products.

We can't wait to share the journey with you.

Leanne, Stuart & The Rest of the Dribblers x x x